one message – many expressions


(May 1, 2010 NEWS UPDATE: I’m happy to announce that I am now working for Yahoo! as an interactive design prototyper for their advertising division.  I am shutting down the software consultancy but will continue to engage and be active as a record label out of San Francisco. – Francis)

Phanai Media Group is an interactive agency, independent record label and front office for the works of founder and CEO Francis Phan. Phanai specializes in multi-platform software user interface development, video editing and music production. Our namesake “Phanai” (rhymes with ‘eye’) has Greek origins meaning “To Speak”, which underscores the essence of Francis’ desire and passion for communicating ideas. Phanai’s mission is to bridge the gap between a client’s vision and its physical expression ranging anywhere from iPhone applications, record albums to new media technologies that emerge.

Francis has degrees in electrical and biomedical engineering where he did thesis work in psychoacoustics, neural networks and speech recognition. His research was published for a graduate level textbook by CRC press. He has developed audio software for Cakewalk, iCast and was Harmonix Music‘s (makers of video game Rock Band franchise ) fourth employee.  Francis was a developer for Google’s Picasa and is also a former executive officer for Sonicbids, an online music agency. Francis specializes in user interface software development and is presently focused on devloping iPhone applications. Francis has been involved in work for Disney World, Boston Museum of Science, Antrhopologie, Sprint, Alltel Wireless and Borders Books.

In the music world, Francis is best known as co-founder for the Hip-Hop music production group “The Jugganautz”, which featured rap artist Omega Red. Francis is the inaugural recipient of the Producer of The Year Award at the 2006 New England Urban Music Awards. Francis has produced Iyeoka Okoawo’s critically acclaimed album “Black & Blues” and Ayisha Knight’s album “Until”, which Boston Globe’s Steve Morse described as a “multicultural marvel”. Francis also produced Iyeoka’s single “For Rwanda”, which was featured on civil rights leader Ambassador Andrew Young’s documentary “Rwanda Rising“. In 2008, Francis produced TV show theme songs for BET-J’s “My Two Cents” and “Leading Men“.